Three Core Values for the church (plus 1)

  • Read Mark 10:13-16 here.
  • If you missed Sunday’s sermon (21 September) you can listen to it here.


This Sunday we had the special event of our first Family Blessing.  This involved a special prayer for the babies born in the last 12 months and their parents.  The parents also committed to raising their children to honour God.  Finally, the congregation committed to support the parents and do what we could to influence the children for God.  During the ceremony, Ron read Mark 10:13-16, where Jesus blesses the children.  What do you think Jesus said or prayed when he blessed the children?  What do you understand a blessing to be?

This week’s sermon presented 3 Core Values, or Pillars that the elders have decided to focus the congregation upon in the coming months.  We will use these values to evaluate the effectiveness of our ministries, of our leadership, the direction of the church.

  1. Personal Spiritual Growth – leading to increased involvement in the work of the church (2 Peter 3:17-18);
  2. Establishing a Godly Leadership that works together as a team (Acts 6:1-6); and
  3. Growing Numerically – by demonstrating love and sharing the Gospel (Acts 6:7).

We believe that these are fundamental responsibilities that God has given His church.  Can you think of some other core values God’s church should have?

For more on this topic read another post here.

Songs and Scripture

Throughout our service this week we emphasised the need for congregational involvement in the activities and goals of the church as well as actively practicing our personal spiritual disciplines.  So this week’s songs revolve around the theme of being active in working for God.  What are your suggestions?

  • Instruments of Your Peace (SFP)
  • To the Work, To the Work (GSII)
  • Living For Jesus (SFP)
  • Rise Up, O Men of God
  • Trust and Obey
  • Work, For the Night is Coming
  • We’ll Work ’til Jesus Comes (SOC, SFP)
  • Everybody Said (But Nobody Did) – (Acappella on 1990 album Rescue)
  • Does Anybody Hear Her (by Casting Crowns on 2005 album Lifesong)


  1. Julie H

    Reflecting on Simeon’s and Anna’s blessing of Jesus in the temple, I would have to say that Jesus’ blessing in Mk 10 probably contained desires/wishes for the child to be used by God in the coming of the Kingdom.

    This ties into our three core values: Paul encourages young Christians to get on to the meat of the Word (personal spiritual growth). Out of this maturing will come a longing to actively, rather than passively, join God where he’s already working (lead by serving), and in sharing his love and the fellowship (community) we have in the Body with those outside the Body.

  2. ozziepete

    Thanks Jo. That’s a good video with a great point. It points me to Matthew 25 which makes caring for the poor and oppressed a salvation issue. I have often heard Christians mention “sheep and goats” in reference to “saved & unsaved”, but seldom are they saved and unsaved based upon their compassion for the poor and oppressed.

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  4. Kathy Makus

    As I understand core values, they are the values already held, rarely if ever change, and are shown by actual behavior.

    When you speak of the values we “ought” to have, you’re not talking about core values. You’re talking aspirational values – the values we wish we had. Those are good to have, of course, but we should be aware that when they conflict with core values, the core values will win.

    I find that it usually works better to start with the real core values and see how they might be reframed to be consistent with Christian values.

    For example, if “security” is a core value, people can learn to see Christ as the source of their security, instead of thinking it lies in guns or big bank accounts. But they’ll still have security as a core value.

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