Who Being in very nature God…

  • Read Philippians 2:1-11 here.
  • Sermon audio will be available soon.

This passage of Philippians really prompts humility in us.  First, it encourages us to think more highly of others than ourselves, the very definition of humility.  Second, In v6-11 Paul uses the life of Jesus as an example for us.  Basically he says that Jesus demonstrated humility by thinking more highly of us than himself, becoming human and dying for us.  That is a staggering thought for me, that Jesus thought more highly of me than himself.  There is absolutely no logical reason for him to think like this…and plenty of logical reasons he shouldn’t, but no one ever accused love of being logical.

The logical flow in this passage can be illustrated as:

Serving Others –> Humility –> Peace/Unity –> Joy

So we have a couple of ways to develop humility: 1. Meditate on the example of Jesus which should squash any proud thoughts we might have, & 2. Serve others, since this moves our thoughts away from ourselves.  Do you have any thoughts on this passage or suggestions for ways we can develop humility in our lives?

Songs & Scripture

I’m starting something different this week.  I’ll give you a sneak preview of the text for the coming Sunday and you can suggest songs that go with that passage.  Next Sunday (Nov 2) the sermon will come from Philippians 2 1-11.  This passage centers on humility (v3) and the facts of the Gospel: Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection and return.  In fact, verses 6-11 seem to be a song that Paul has copied into his letter, so what songs come to your mind that talk about Jesus’ life and death?

  • That’s Why We Praise Him
  • We Saw Thee Not
  • I Believe in Jesus (SFP – Howard)
  • I Believe in Jesus (SFP – Nelson)
  • Creed (Rich Mullins on the album A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band – 1993)

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