God’s Building

  • No text or audio sermon this week as we had a special prayer service.
Banner made by Cynthia

Banner made by Cynthia

As part of our prayer service for the ministries of the church, we unveiled this banner to hang in the auditorium.  I hope it will encourage us to think of ways that this theme/image impact the way we live or do church.  Is this year’s theme helpful to you?  Does the image add any meaning to the words?

Songs & Scripture

This series on Philippians is becoming very disjointed, because this week we have a special prayer service.  Many of our songs actually are prayers, while others encourage us to pray and some speak of the encouragement we receive from prayer.  How many songs can we think of that have to do with prayer? (Not the ones that are prayers)

  • Sweet Hour of Prayer
  • I Come to the Garden Alone
  • Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer
  • Just a Little Talk with Jesus (SFP)
  • Listen to Our Hearts (SFP)
  • The Lord’s Prayer (SFP)

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