Lawson Road 2008/09 Theme

I posted this picture several months ago for comment, but didn’t get much response.  Now that our church members have had longer to consider this banner at the front of the auditorium, I’m hoping to get  a bit more conversation.


In our church bulletin I suggested several ways of looking at this image:

  • Each of the squares and hands are a different color.  What does that tell us about God’s building?
  • Do you see the hands holding up the coloured squares?  Does that signify something about our role in the church?
  • Are the blocks at the bottom supporting the blocks above them?  Who might these blocks represent in the church?
  • Do the hands look to you as though they’re waving?  How does God’s building (the church/people) communicate friendliness?
  • There is one hand per square, but many squares.  Doesn’t the Bible say something about many parts forming a whole?

Can you see a message or lesson in this picture?  Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with us.



  1. Lisa Lee

    when I see and think of our mission for the year, I think of all of us at the church working together to further ourselves in God’s words. I see that no matter what race, color, ethnicity etc. that we are that we can work together and be a family for one common goal.

  2. Luanne W.

    Because of my elementary teaching background, the first thing that strikes me is I see “eager volunteers”! Children sometimes raise their hands to volunteer even when they don’t yet know what is going to be required of them. They just don’t want to be left out. If only each member of Lawson Road was so eager to get involved in building God’s church! Also kids who “know the answer” are eager to share that knowledge.

  3. Julie

    I have been thinking for a long time as I see the banner from the pews on Sundays that it looks very friendly and alive. The different colors signify how very different we are on the outside and yet the cohesiveness of the picture signifies the glue of the Holy Spirit that holds us together.

    The hands could also be waving at and encouraging one another. The design was amazing.

    I really like what was already said about eager volunteers. God’s presence in the world is wholly dependent on eager volunteers. There are so many lost, and as a result, hurting people in our families and communities. I hope we can balance a fresh sense of urgency along w/ our other life commitments better in the future.

  4. ozziepete

    Thank-you for your thoughts ladies. Sometimes I make fun of abstract art, but I think this is a good example of how an image can start a lot of different thought processes.

    I hear you all saying that the banner communicates values like: friendly, welcoming, openness, and teamwork. I’m glad to say I attend a church that seeks to be like that.

    Together, we’re God’s Building.

    PS. I think you have to have your own blog to get a cute picture.

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