Blog Updates

I was attending my graduation out of town last weekend and didn’t preach, so I don’t have a regular post.  So I thought I’d use the week off to draw attention to a couple of features on the blog.


The effectiveness of this blog increases enormously when people leave a comment.  At the end of every blog post you’ll see a short statement of how many comments have been left.  Just click on that text to read the comments and/or leave your own.  If you agree or disagree with something I say, please leave a comment.  Comments are like votes and help other readers come to a decision about what’s said.  Questions are of special value.  If something’s not clear, or if something I said in my blog or sermon raised more questions, then ask them.  I almost always answer questions promptly or another visitor may have a good answer for your question.


The section of the right-hand column labelled, “My Books” contains a link to my Amazon store.  This might interest you for a couple of reasons.  First, most of the books I list in the store are books I’ve read, so you can see the authors influencing me.  Second, if your looking to study a topic I’m preaching on you can buy one of books from this site and about 5% of the sale price will go to the Lawson Road Building Fund.


Right at the bottom of the right-hand column you’ll see a little world map.  If you click on the map it will take you to a bigger map showing the locations of people visiting this blog.  (I believe it uses visitors ISP addresses to create the map).  They come from all over the world including countries like: Ireland, Kenya, and even Saudi Arabia!  Since I find it interesting, maybe you will too.


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