God’s Story

  • Read Psalm 136 here, and Psalm 139 here.
  • If you missed Sunday’s sermon (10 May), you can listen to it here.

Although the Bible contains lengthy sections of legal code, poetry, prophecy, and advice to churches overall, the Bible tells a consistent story of God’s relationship with humanity.  This is not to suggest that the Bible is a fairytale, but it does tell a story.

I believe that we often overlook the forest for the trees, THE story for the stories.  We often treat stories such as Joshua defeating Jericho, or David defeating Goliath, or Jesus walking on water as wonderful stories in their own right, which they are, but we forget the role they play in telling the bigger story, God’s story.  Why was Joshua fighting Jericho?  How was this event connected to Moses and Abraham?  Why was David fighting Goliath?  How was this event connected to Joshua?

If you were to consider the entire Bible as a storybook, I wonder how you would summarize the story?  Would you just start and end with Jesus?  Would you include Creation?  How about the Exodus, the life of David, or the destruction of Jerusalem?  Would you discuss any of Paul’s letters, or tackle Revelation?

This isn’t just a theoretical exercise.  How we understand the Bible story will be a factor in how we can share the Gospel and bring others to Christ.  If we don’t understand the big picture we’ll have a difficult time sharing it with others.

I’m seeking your input on this question, “What are the 10 key events that MUST be included in summarizing the Bible story?” or if that’s giving you a head ache, just let me know, “Do you think it’s difficult to summarize the Bible story?  Is it easier to remember the individual stories?”

Songs & Scripture:

Naturally, I’m looking for songs that tell the Story of God.  Maybe that’s too much for one song, but let me know if you can think of some more.

  • I Love to Tell the Story
  • Why Did My Savior Come to Earth?  (This song doesn’t mention the OT, but tells of Jesus’ birth, death & return.)
  • Our God, He Is Alive
  • I Believe in Jesus (Howard – SFP)
  • My Redeemer Lives (Nicole C. Mullins on her 2000 self titled album connects Creation with the Resurrection)


  1. Kim

    In teaching Children’s Church we spent almost a year working through a children’s bible called “The Big Picture Story Bible.” Just as you described, it treats the Bible as one big story, broken up into 26 lessons. The theme that occurs repeatedly is God’s great plan, how humans fall from that plan and how God restores them or promises to restore them. I love how in addition to telling the mini-story it also ties into the big picture. For example in the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, the children are reminded that God promised Abraham to make a great nation out of his people, and that he fulfilled that promise with over a million people leaving Egypt. Many of our children were already familiar with some of the stories we studied, but they all learned something new about the context or reasoning behind the story, which I thought was wonderful!

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