Don’t Worry

I CONFESS, I’ve been slack for several weeks and haven’t posted.  I shall now attempt to redeem myself and catch up 3 weeks in one.  Stay tuned for several postings in the next few days.

  • Read Matthew 6:19-34 here.
  • If you missed Sunday’s sermon (24 May), you can listen to it here.

I was asked to present this lesson at the Camp Hunt Family Weekend on Saturday, so I shortened it to preach Sunday morning.

When I was in High School I took a course with the interesting name of “Christian Living”.  It simply involved reading and writing about various christian books.  One of those I had to read was How to Win Over Worry.  It’s basic premise throughout the book was that “Worry is a sin.”  I disagreed with this statement then, and I still do today.

Although in Matt 6:34 Jesus commands, “…do not worry about tomorrow…” we cannot use that statement in isolation to label worry a sin.  The key word in this verse is the first word, “Therefore” which points us back to earlier teaching in the passage.  Worry is only a symptom of a more serious issue.

The “therefore” points us back to v24 and asks the question, “Who are you serving?”  If you’re serving God there’s no need to worry.  If on the other hand you’re serving Money you better be worrying, because money won’t solve your problems and you’re not serving God!

If we tell people to obey Jesus and stop worrying we’re just treating the symptom.  The deeper question is who are you serving with your life.  If you’re serving God, you can trust Him to provide for you.

Perhaps a key point in this discussion involves our understanding of worry.  In my sermon I defined it as “not trusting God”.  How do you define worry?  Can worry actually be a positive factor in our lives at times?  Have you heard this idea that “worry is a sin”?  What do you think?

Songs & Scripture

I think we have quite a few songs that are relevant to this topic.  Please share some that come to mind for you.

  • Living By Faith (SFP)
  • I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (SFP)
  • He Knows Just What I Need (SFP)
  • Because He Lives
  • He Holds the Key to All Unknown (Sankey’s Sacred Songs & Solos)
  • Hide Me Away, O Lord (words and lyrics by Keith Lancaster, 1995)

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