God’s Stimulus Plan: Part 4

  • Read Luke 15 here.
  • If you missed Sunday’s sermon (28 June) you can listen to it here.

This week’s sermon was really summary of the previous 3 weeks’ lessons.  My main point was to demonstrate that all these steps are related.

  1. Examine our lives for sin and repent when necessary.
  2. Trust our uncertainty to God.
  3. Develop Contentment.
  4. Accept Stewardship.
  5. Live Generously.

While I’ve spent each week talking about just one or two of these points, none of them are isolated points.  Developing contentment with what God’s already given us makes accepting the concept of stewardship easier.  And when we accept stewardship we’ll find it easier to live generously.

The other big event this Sunday was the commissioning of our new Financial Counseling Ministry Team.  These 5 members have been trained by Crown Financial Ministries to provide one-on-one counseling to people who are struggling financially.  This is a terrific ministry that teaches people to budget, control expenses, and get out of debt.  It’s ultimate goal is to help people get to a point where they can live generously.

I’m going to be attending the Lipscomb Celebration this week and then taking a week’s vacation, so I probably won’t post for the next couple of weeks.  Although there’s always the possibility I’ll be so fired up after the Celebration that I’ll have lots of ideas to share.  So come back soon and see what’s going on.

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