Introducing Exodus

  • Read Exodus 6:2-8 here.
  • If you missed Sunday’s sermon (9 August) you can listen to it here.

I have observed that most Churches of Christ don’t spend a lot of time preaching from the Old Testament.  If for no other reason, that’s enough to make me want to do it.  But I’m also convinced of the incredible value of this study in richness of understanding God that this study yields.

I have a very simplistic analysis that credits the OT with revealing God the Father, the Gospels revealing God the Son, and Acts and the epistles revealing God the Holy Spirit.  We often talk about worshiping God, or praying to God, but if we don’t spend much time studying the OT, then we have a pretty narrow understanding of the God we’re worshiping.

I was surprised when someone commented after my sermon that they were glad I was preaching a series from the Old Testament.  They said that usually when they prayed the pictured the Old Testament God.  By this they meant that they picture the powerful God of great deeds as the one they ask to help in their life.  I wonder where your picture of the God you worship comes from?  Do you think more of Jesus with the children, or God defeating the Egyptian armies, or maybe the meditating on the presence of the Holy Spirit? Yes, I know these are all one God, but they are different ways God has made himself know to us and I think most of us have some particular image of God in our minds as we worship Him.  Please leave a comment.


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