EXODUS: Becoming People of God. a summary

For those who are interested…  I’ve copied below a summary of my Exodus sermon series.  Yes, it stops at chapter 20. We’ll be covering the rest of the book in a Wednesday night Bible class.

If I was a really clever preacher, I expect I’d have some fancy acronym, or 6 Steps, or an intricate diagram of how Exodus demonstrates the process of Becoming People of God.  I just have a list of observations and applications.  If you want to make some suggestions on how this list could be simplified, I’m all ears (and eyes).

I really enjoyed this series and hope others find it beneficial also.  If you can’t figure out how I reached a particular conclusion from that text, First, look at the relevant post on the blog; Second, leave a question on this post and I’ll respond.

EXODUS: Becoming People of God

Ex. 6:6-8 – Exodus tells us of a God who’s very involved in the lives of His people.  This is our God!

Ex. 1 & 2 – The beginning of Exodus tells us that God’s working, even when we don’t see Him.

Ex. 2:11-22 – Like Moses, we need to stand up for God.  Then we need to fall before God, relying on Him.

Ex. 3:5-6; Rom. 8:9-11 – The ground wherever we go is Holy, because we bring the presence of God with us in a special, tangible way.

Ex. 3:12 – The guarantee of God’s presence is not in the way we feel, but in the results we witness and in the lives of the people we worship with.

Ex. 5:22-6:1 – Moses didn’t let Pharaoh defeat him.  Don’t let reality wear you down.  Keep the dream.  Keep the wonder of the message of God salvation.

Ex. 9:34-35 – BEWARE. If we get to a point where we know all the answers, or if we’re unwilling to make any more changes in our lives, then, like Pharaoh, we’ve stopped listening to God, our hearts have hardened.

Ex. 6:28-7:7 Moses learned to let God be God and look at the results.  Moses didn’t have to get busier, or try harder.  He just had to deliver God’s message to Pharaoh and let God do the rest.

Ex. 12:11-14 – Jesus is coming for his people and we have faith in his promises.  We eat today as though God’s promises have already taken place.  That’s faith.

Ex. 12:3-4 – As God formed his new nation He emphasized stewardship, and community.  Sounds like church!

Ex. 13:17-18 – We often think of baptism as the end of the journey, not the beginning.  If temptation was part of Jesus’ life from the moment of baptism, we shouldn’t expect any less.

Ex. 12:29-30; Gen. 15:18-21 – The Exodus reveals a God who values justice, but pairs it with patience because He loves His enemies and gives them opportunity to repent.

Ex. 14:13-15 – Can we imitate the Israelites at the Red Sea?  Can we stand still at the foot of the cross and accept God’s grace and forgiveness? or do we need to find our own solutions?

Ex. 15 – In Moses’ song, God’s actions and Moses worship intersected.  We also need to ensure that our worship reflects the events of our lives.

Ex 19:3-8 – God seeks relationship with us before He demands obedience.  How’s your relationship with God?

Ex 20 – We can’t ignore God’s laws.  Notice the similarity between the first 4 and last 6 commandments and the 2 greatest commands in the NT (Mt 22:34-40).  Loving God involves keeping His laws.


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