Church Hospitality

The Lawson Road Church of Christ, with whom I minister, has spent many years saving and dreaming of improving the church’s facilities.  It finally looks as though we can build something in 2010, which is cause for much excitement.  However, we will still require generosity on the part of members and former members.

The process of fundraising entails justifying every detail of the building plan so that contributors can be confident that their donations will not be wasted.  The difficulty with this is that building decisions are not only based upon practical considerations, such as how snow will interact with a skylight, but also upon ministry philosophy and theological considerations.

I’m not sure whether church facilities should influence ministry emphases or whether ministry needs drive church building programs.  It might depend on the life stage of the church.  There are some basic facilities that will inhibit ministry options if they’re not present.  Once basic facilities are in place then perhaps further additions should be based upon the needs of particular ministries.

So everything above was really introductory to this point.  I hope you’ll take the time to read THIS ARTICLE over at  It describes how three churches have different attitudes towards their church facilities and how each building interacts with the ministries of the church.

Particularly interesting to me was the 2nd church in the article.  Not that long ago Garnett Church of Christ was one of the largest, most vibrant churches in the brotherhood.  The article describes the journey of the church in recent years and how their facilities have been both a curse, and a blessing.

If you took the time to read the article…

  • What do you think of the emphasis on Christian hospitality?  Is that a new idea?  Do you like it, or think they’re giving it too much importance?
  • Have you ever visited a church with outstanding hospitality?  What did they do to impress you?
  • What are some ways you’ve seen church buildings used between services, in addition to the common schools and day care centers?

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