1. Richmond Kwesi

    I really enjoyed your interpretation of the church logo. It was very insightful. I like your view on the colours of the logo but I have been wondering why its brown (or yellowish brown), blue and white. Is it for any reason that these colours (among all the colors in the world) were chosen?….just wondering…..

  2. ozziepete

    Richmond, thanks for joining the conversation!!!

    The colours were not quite chosen at random, but neither were they chosen for any symbolic meaning. The blue is just the colour of water. The yellowish-redish-brown is an attempt to represent the sun on the horizon (sunset/sunrise).

    Also, from a practical aspect these are pretty bright eye-catching colours. Since we want the logo to attract people’s attention, they’re a good fit.

    It might be an interesting exercise to consider if the colours could have a deeper meaning.

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