Good Things about the Restoration Movement

I’m not preaching this week, so I’m able to use my time to prepare for my next sermon series. Our church has decided to make June “Family Reunion Month” (perhaps becoming an annual event) as we revisit some of our basic beliefs and practices.

This year, I’m preaching a series of topical sermons and the Sunday adult Bible Class will study Hicks’ and Valentine‘s book “Kingdom Come“.  (Which I highly recommend and wish I’d read earlier!)

Several ideas I already have include:

  1. Discussing the virtue of the goal of “Restoring the NT church”.
  2. Re-visioning and expanding the goals of the Restoration Movement along the lines of the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, TX.
  3. Examining some of our peculiar practices that we draw identity from and explaining them to newcomers.  For example: Our high view of Scripture and our emphasis on making worship about God.  The value of weekly Lord’s Supper is another positive practice.

I know that as I read “Kingdom Come” I’ll get some more ideas as the authors seek to reintroduce some very positive teachings from voices dulled over time.  BUT, I’m wondering…

What are the positive themes and practices that you can identify among Churches of Christ?



  1. J D

    I think I would use the Declaration and Address as a starting place … Thomas Campbell outlined the principles from which many other things sprang (sprung? spronged? lol) … you could illustrate our practices from those principles.

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