2014 Blog Tour

blog tour 2014I’m part of Facebook group called “Compadres”. The group is made up of wonderful Christian leaders from around the US. [Not quite all 50 states.]  Many of those in the group are bloggers; so we decided to come together and share our blogs this summer – hence the Compadres Blog Tour.

Each Wednesday and Friday until the end of August one of us participating will write a blog post on the theme of “The Glory of Jesus Christ.”

These posts will be on the sayings and stories of Jesus Christ. I look forward to reading each one. I’ll be posting links here as they go live … the first one will be June 3.

So be watching and if you would…

*Take a moment to read the posts!

*Comment – bloggers love comments!

*Share the links!

*Take a look around, especially if you’re visiting that blog for the first time … maybe you’ll want to subscribe to it or bookmark it to visit again.

Blogging has blessed me in so many ways. I’m most thankful for the friendships that I have been able to develop throughout the Christian blogging community.

So, watch for the logo and get on board the Compadres Blog Tour!


4 JuneLeaving the Noise Behind by JEREMY SCHOPPER – www.ephesians411.wordpress.com

6 June – Rumble in Jerusalem by DANNY HOLMAN – www.dholman.wordpress.com

10 June – Give a Man a Fish by CARL JENKINS – www.fromdustblog.wordpress.com

17 June – Why Me, God? by JONATHAN DOBBS – www.mrjdobbs.wordpress.com

19 June – The Beauty of the Gospel by SCOTT ELLIOT – www.resurrectedliving.wordpress.com

24 June – The Glory of the Son by CHRIS HODGES – www.chrisrhodges.com

26 JuneThen They Can See My Glory, Which You Gave Me by DAVID SMITH – www.preachersmith.com

1 July – Matthew and Mission by JEREMY HOOVER – www.jeremyhoover.com

3 JulyThe Glory in the Welcome by ALLEN CARR – www.sacredmargins.com

10 JulyNot So With You by DANIEL BURNS – www.danielpaulburns.blogspot.com

15 JulyA Place for Lepers by K REX BUTTS – www.kingdomseeking.com

22 JulyA Vision of Harmony by JENNIFER RUNDLETT – www.jrundlett.wordpress.com

24 July – Come to the Table by DON MIDDLETON – www.brokenchains4all.blogspot.com

29 JulyDo Not Be Afraid by TIM ARCHER – www.timothyarcher.com

5 Aug – When Doubt Met Divine by PAULA HARRINGTON – www.paulaharrington.wineskins.org

7 Aug He Knows Me Inside Out by HOLLY BARRETT – www.hollybarrett.org

12 Aug – Mark 11: Nothing But Leaves by PATRICK BARBER – www.patrickbarber.wordpress.com

14 AugWe Have Seen His Glory by WADE TANNEHILL – www.wade.typepad.com

19 Aug – Walking the Racial Tightrope for Jesus by PETER HORNE – www.culturalmosaic.org



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