Come As You Are

I didn’t preach this week, but given the conversation we started on Sunday I thought this two part series from a couple of years ago might be encouraging.

ALSO, this blog post by my friend Rex Butts provides a good summary of the point Ed made at Lawson Road.

Peter's Patter

  • Read Romans 15:1-9here.
  • You can listen to this sermon here.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not really someone who’s up on all the latest church trends, so this idea may have been around for a while.  Even if my thoughts are not original, I hope they’re encouraging.

I first came across the church motto “Come As You Are” in the excellent 2005 book No Perfect People Allowed  by John Burke. He makes an astute distinction between tolerance and acceptance that I expanded upon in my sermon.

Tolerance has become one of the battle cries of our postmodern generation. Postmoderns insist that we allow each person to determine their own path through life without imposing our, or God’s, expectations upon them. Tolerance provides individuals with the freedom they need to move forward on their unique path.  However, as Burke says (p91), “Tolerance does not value people but simply puts up…

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