2015 Summer Blog Tour Index

I wanted to post once more about the Summer Blog Tour with a reminder and links to those who may have missed out on some of the really great posts. I appreciate the manner other writers can address topics in ways I’d never consider. I wanted to encourage you to bookmark and subscribe to each one of their blogs. You can’t go wrong.

2015 summerblogtour

Steve Ridgell – Hope For Life The Power of Telling a Story

Holly Barrett – Reclaiming A Redeemed LifeThe Power of A Recovery Story

Danny Dodd – Adventures in PreachingThe Power of an Ordinary Story

Jennifer Rundlett – God Thru The ArtsThe Power of A Cleansing Story

Les Ferguson, Jr – Desperately Wanting To Believe AgainThe Power of A Redemption Story

Scott Elliott – Resurrected LivingThe Power of A Beautiful Story

Peter Horne – God Meets Ball – Exploring life and God through the lens of sports.The Power of Another’s Story

Tyler Jarvis – Turtles All The Way Down – Questions about Faith, God and the ChurchThe Power of a Villain Story

John Mark Hicks  John Mark Hicks MinistriesThe Power of a Biblical Story

John Dobbs – Out Here Hope RemainsThe Power of A Disappointing Story

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