This ebook is a collection of posts by myself and some guest bloggers related to the 2013 theme of the Lawson Rd Church of Christ: Healthy Hearts. I hope that this format will make the articles more accessible and easier to read as a continuous thought.  I hope to share additional resources like this in the future.

My ebook 01







In the summer of 2015 I collaborated with some other bloggers on a writing project with the theme “The Power of a [                     ] Story“. This ebook is a compilation of each contribution. I pray you find encouragement in these pages.

My ebook 02

In 2016 I again worked with some other  bloggers to compile a variety of perspectives on the theme “Inside Out“. That’s a fairly ambiguous title, so it was interesting to see the direction each author took. I pray that you find these articles thought provoking and encouraging.


2017 represents the fifth year participating in a Summer Blog Tour. I am forever grateful to friends online and in the flesh who choose to share their heart for God by contributing to a topic of my choosing. It thrills me to see the creative ways they express themselves on the basis of two ambiguous words like “Faith Unshackled”. They always take me on paths I would never travel if left to my own devices.

Faith Unshackled - Cover

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. These words from the Sermon on the Mount instigated a year of introspection for the church as we asked ourselves and each other, “What Are You Seeking?” Once again in 2018 a group of writers stepped up to explore this topic in their own particular ways. May you be blessed by their thoughts.

2018 Seeking cover

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