Although I have quite a few links to other blogs and ministries on the main page of this site, I thought it might be helpful to have a links page to other resources I become aware of.  If you see a heading and think I’m missing a good site, please leave a comment and let me know.  Also, if a link is broken PLEASE leave a comment so I can mend it. I hope this resource will be a blessing to you.  I do not necessarily agree with everything on these sites, but I trust you to make your own judgments.


  • Center for Restoration Studies at Abilene Christian University.
  • Disciples of Christ Historical Society (Although the Disciples are now a distinct denomination they share one hundred years of common history with churches of Christ).
  • Restoration Movement Pages The best site for complete documents.  (select the menu item “RM Texts”) This site contains a lot of a 19th century sermons and essays including complete texts of many of Stone and the Campbell’s writings.
  • Restoration Quarterly is an academic journal, with a historical bent, published by Abilene Christian University.
  • Stone-Campbell Dialogue discussions between the various branches of the Restoration Movement.
  • Cane Ridge Meeting House A simple history of the Barton W. Stone side of the movement.
  • a growing site sponsored by the Buford Church of Christ in Georgia.
  • Dr John Mark Hicks teaches at Lipscomb University and his blog has a lot of articles on the history of the Restoration Movement.  (browse his blog categories “church history” and “Stone-Campbell Movement”)
  • Victor Knowles is a minister and writer in the Independent Christian Churches.  He has also been a regular speaker at the annual Peperdine Lectureship.  This site contains some of his lectures.  I found particularly interesting his impression of Churches of Christ from a Christian Church perspective.  He was previously also a coordinator for the Restoration Forum, an annual three-day unity meeting for members of the Stone-Campbell Movement.
  • BOOKS:  You can browse some basic books on the Restoration Movement at my Amazon Store.

Church of Christ Lecturships

  • Campus Ministry United – You can listen to the archives of all the presentations at this workshop.  Some of the talks are specific to campus ministry, but others have an evangelistic focus, or discuss more general topics, such as Mentoring, or Spiritual Disciplines.  There’s lots to choose from.
  • ACU Lectures (now known as “Summit”) –  ACU has made all the sessions from their lecturships since 2007 available for free on itunes.  That’s over 150 different presentations each year!!  You’ll find sermons by well-known speakers as well as practical training by many ministers and ministry leaders from around the country.  Too many topics to mention!!
  • Tulsa Workshop (Also known as The International Soul Winning Workshop)  All the sessions from 2008 are now available as free mp3 downloads.  In addition, many of the 2009 sessions are also available for free.  The remaining sessions from 2009 & 2010 can be downloaded for a fee.  There a many quality speakers here providing a valuable resource.

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