Lunch Break

This is a page for all the YouTube videos and other snippets I find amusing.  I’ll try and update it regularly…. but no promises!!

This is a pretty cool story.  If you like the video you can check out the website

This clip is a bit longer than most I share here, but it’s AWE INSPIRING.  Based on Psalm 148  Let all creation Praise the Lord.

In the summer of 2010 I taught a weekly Bible class with different groups compiling an overall “story of the Bible” from different perspectives.  I don’t think anyone in my class could have done as well as this little guy!!  Davis (9 years old) attends the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas.  (Filmed 26 Dec, 2010)

This video really moved me the first time I heard it.  I think it’s an awesome collaborative effort.  I haven’t seen the documentary, and I don’t know much about the cause as a whole, but I love this song.

I’m not saying that Steve Martin is the greatest advocate for Christianity, but this song is entertaining and points to an underlying truth:  Christians have a lot to sing about!

I found these animals entertaining.

Since our daughter is now teething I relate well to this video!  The clips actually been around for a long time.  I wonder what Charlie thinks of it now?


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